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1600°C Front or Bottom Loading Furnaces

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The Keith’s FastHeat front-loading, high temperature, fiber-lined furnace is intended for operation to 1600oC/2912oF in an air atmosphere. The furnace is shipped ready for installation, complete with a high alumina hearth and ready for connection to the Buyer’s utilities.

Our FastHeat furnace is particularly well suited for research when precision temperature control is very important, for the development of ceramics and advanced materials at high temperature, and if you wish to have a furnace construction that is durable enough to be very well intended for small-scale production.
Furnace Model Usable Load Size Load Volume Shipping Weight (approx.).
KSK-12 1600°C 12 x 12 x 12-inch 1 cu. ft. 420 lb.
KSK-15 1600°C 15 x 15 x 15-inch 2 cu. ft. 600 lb.

Furnace lining features a high purity, lightweight, 1600°C minimum rated alumina fiberboard construction designed for maximum energy efficiency and thermal performance. This lining is scored on the hot face in a tile design allowing it to expand and contract during thermal cycling. This provides a very durable construction that will last longer and need less maintenance