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Heat Treat Furnaces with protective atmosphere

  • Dual Heat Treat Furnaces with Automatically Controlled Protective Inert Gas Atmosphere
  • Dual Chamber Furnace with Atmosphere
  • Dual Chamber with Atmosphere System and Quench Tank
  • Dual Heat Treat Furnace with Protective Atmosphere and Recorder
  • Single Heat Treat Furnace with protective atmosphere and recorder
  • Dual Heat Treat Furnace with protective Atmosphere without recorder
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To reduce oxidation (scaling) on tool steel-, stainless steel- and Titanium parts during heat treatment, free oxygen in the furnace chamber must be eliminated. This can be achieved by injection of Nitrogen or Argon into the furnace chamber to create an inert (passive) atmosphere. Connecting Nitrogen directly to the inert gas inlet or have the flow activated through an event programmed in the temperature controller will achieve positive pressure in the heat treat chamber.

For tool room shops, laboratory- or R&D environments, small benchtop furnaces with protective atmosphere control are an economic solution. A programmable event in the program recipe to turn on or off the gas is wired into the temperature controller. The temperature controller will then turn on or off the Nitrogen, Argon or non-explosive (95% N, 5% H) gas flow as indicated in the airflow meter mounted in the control panel.

Keith Heat Treat Furnaces with Automatically Controlled Inert Protective Gas Atmosphere have become industry’s standard throughout the world for both small scale factory production and laboratory R & D where full control of the flow conditions of the inert input gas is necessary to ensure optimum product quality. These furnaces are used in the manufacture and testing of metals, ceramics, glass and electronics. Their most common application, however, is for metallurgical heat treatment requiring the reduction of surface discoloration and scaling during the heating processes of hardening, stress relieving, annealing, tempering and sintering necessary to alter the mechanical properties of an alloy – both iron-based and non-ferrous. Inert atmospheres used in these furnaces include nitrogen, argon and helium.

Keith Atmosphere Controlled Heat Treat Furnaces can also be ordered with a variety of optional features & upgrades to help make them even better suited for your particular heat processing applications. Options include bubbler to maintain consistent positive chamber pressure, pneumatic door openers, thermocouple ports, quench tanks, automated data, standard controls and special controls, as well as an air tight chamber retort (designed for sealed atmosphere operation at high temperatures up to 2012°F). We also offer standard control packages to meet NADCAP and AMS 2750F specifications.
Typical applications for heat treat furnaces with protective atmosphere are:
  • Stress relieving
  • Nomalizing
  • Bright Annealing
  • Aging
  • Drawing
The Keith economical model K-121220-D is industry's work horse and Keith's standard Dual Chamber Heat Treat Furnace with Automatically Controlled Inert Protective Gas Atmosphere, however, these furnaces can be purchased in a variety of model sizes and configurations.

A list of models is available under the Category Files at the bottom of this page and instructional videos are uploaded on our Youtube Channel.