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Flexible Heater 200W 120V
Flexible Heater 200W 120V
Silicon Rubber Heaters with thermocouples and plugs
Silicone Rubber Heaters with
thermocouples and plugs
Silicone rubber heater
Silicon Rubber Knot

Delta T

Delta T was established in 1991 and specializes in industrial heating applications including

We also sell flexible heaters which are made from a stranded wire (mostly Ni-Chrome) or an etched foil sandwiched between layers of dielectric materials. The most common dielectric materials are Kapton, Silicone rubber & Mylar.

Kapton® heaters are thin film heater manufactured in edged-foil construction (like circuit board manufacturing); Silicone rubber heaters are manufactured in edged-foil or wire-wound construction; the decisive consideration is the max watts per square inch needed. 

Application examples for silicone rubber heaters:

  1. Drum & Tank Heaters
  2. Preheat molds for carbon fiber
  3. Moisture protection in electronics
  4. Battery and oil heating
  5. Security camera enclosures
  6. Fuel cells, power meters, transmission
  7. Wafer fabrication

Our Engineering staff can help you to select the right configuration for your application.