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Dual Chamber Heavy Duty Furnaces

  • Dual Chamber Heavy Duty with Atmosphere
  • Dual Chamber Heavy Duty with Atmosphere and Recorder
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These space saving dual chamber heat treat furnaces has two furnace chambers on top of each other. The upper chamber is used for hardening (red heat up to 2250°F) and the lower chamber for tempering or drawing without waiting for the hardening chamber to cool down to the lower temperature required for tempering or drawing. The upper chamber door raises vertically for operator safety and the lower chamber has a convection fan for increased temperature uniformity. Optional 2000°F in the lower chamber available.
Furnace Model #  *Furnace Heating Chamber Size Furnace
Max. Temperature
Specs RFQ Width Height Depth Upper Lower Power Input Furnace
Base Price
K-151520-D Quote 15 15 20/15 2250°F 1250°F 20 **$44,575
K-181824-D Quote 18 18 24/19 2250°F 1250°F 28 **$51,675
K-181836-D Quote 18 18 36/31 2250°F 1250°F 40 **$61,850
K-181848-D Quote 18 18 48/43 2250°F 1250°F 44 **$86,475

* inches
** Two sets of individual ditital progammable control & digital high limit safety control included

Options include inert gas atmosphere to reduce scaling, AMS 2750F instrumention type D or CQI-9 package for NADCAP certification, different temperature controllers and various other options, listed below.

Available Options, get a quote: (please save PDF first to your PC, then open in Adobe Reader and fill it out)

  • PID temperature controller Watlow PM4E (4 programs, 10 steps, timer)
  • PID temperature controller Watlow F4 (40 programs, 256 steps, timer)
  • Other PID controllers upon request
  • High limit/over temperature protection (includes controller and thermocouple)
  • Honeywell eZtrend Recorder for data collection and transfer
  • Electrical other than standard 240 Volt, single phase, 60 Hz
  • Audible Alarm
  • Roll away quench tank
  • Ceramic cement embedded element plate assemblies for heating element protection
  • Spare parts package for installation of new furnaces
  • AMS 2750F package

Controls: Both chambers are equipped with their own electronic control, thermocouples and solid state relays. 

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