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Economy Electric Heated Aluminum Drop Bottom Furnaces

  • Aluminum Drop Bottom Furnace
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Keith Company offers standardized versions of aluminum solution heat treat furnaces and are an economic alternative to custom engineered units while still meeting the stringent pyrometric requirements of AMS 2750E and NADCAP AC 1702.

Standard features include electrical heating system with Cr-Ni heavy gauge wire for longevity, stainless steel baffles to protect products from radiation, 6 seconds quench delay time, PID temperature controller, overtemperture controller, insulated quench tank, up to 1,000lbs of parts.
Horizontal quench aluminum solution heat treat furnaces are also available in the economic series. 

Keith Company designs solution heat treat furnaces meeting pyrometric AMS 2750 class 1 requirements and process specifications such as AMS 2770, AMS 2771, AMS 2772, BAC 5221, RPS 953 and Milspec. For precipation aging processes we recommend our standard ovens.
Chamber Size   Overall Size  

Max. Intermittent

Max. Continuous

Input Power Weight
36"W 36"L 21"H   57.5"W 112"L 158"H   1100ºF 1000ºF 30kW 2400lbs.
36"W 36"L 36"H   57.5"W 112"L 158"H   1100ºF 1000ºF 45kW 3000lbs.
36"W 36"L 36"H   57.5"W 112"L 204"H   1100ºF 1000ºF 45kW 3500lbs.