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horizontal burner 350000
Horizontal burner 350’000
Gas Burner T Design 1500
Gas Burner T Design 1500

Gas burners are the last part in a combustion system, responsible for creating an environment where the fuel and air supplies can properly mix, retain the flame and control of the speed and shape of the combustion process. Burners can be designed to provide fast intense combustion or slow lazy combustion, depending on the system needs. Gas burners come in a variety of types: pilot burners, nozzle mix burners, high velocity high temperature burners, spiral flame radiant burners, tube burners, duct burners and others.

Features that most common burners have in common are gas inlet, air inlet, mixing, flame retention and flame shaping. Our engineers can help you to determine the right burner for your application.

Keith has been a builder and supplier of fuel-fired heat treat industrial furnace systems for over 50 years. We are also highly experienced at providing system upgrades and preventive maintenance to older combustion systems.

Keith's capabilities include on-site troubleshooting, tuning, repairing, and upgrading and modifying the combustion systems for ovens, dryers, industrial furnaces, kilns, lehrs, thermal oxidizers and other process heating systems.

We can also help you meet domestic gas safety standards, comply with NFPA 86 requirements, reduce fuel consumption or meet low NOx (nitrogen oxides) requirements.