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In July of 2011 Titan Industrial Heating Systems joined with Keith Company in Pico Rivera, CA. They have designed and built custom industrial heating systems for over 30 years. Their specialties include gas burners, tank heaters, hot oil tanks, control panels and complete ovens that reach heating temperatures of 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius). In addition to their impressive manufacturing, the Titan Industrial Heating staff also repairs wire wound heating elements for Proheco and Proheatco branded products and has allowed Keith to expand their servicing aspect of their business.

In 2002 Keith Company acquired Recco Furnaces, a 40- year old designer and builder of standard and custom industrial furnaces, foundry products, alloy fabrications, and integrated material handling systems for the metals heat treating, foundry, forging and specialty metals processing industries worldwide. In our database, we have all Recco furnace serial numbers stored which allows us to quickly determine the original heating element configuration.

In the same year Keith Company acquired KMI Refractories. Like CFF, KMI Refractories was a thirty-year-old company at the time of acquisition and was a full-service stocking distributor of refractory products, a refractory contractor for tear-out and installation of refractory materials, and a fabricator of custom fiber modules and insulating panels. So today, Keith Company is also a major stocking distributor for Thermal Ceramics, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of refractory materials.

In 1997 Keith Company acquired CFF Kilns & Furnaces.  At the time CFF was a thirty-year-old company that constructed kilns, lehrs and ovens for the traditional ceramics and decorating metals processing industries. Today, hundreds of CFF kilns are used daily by companies across the country.

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