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Quick Quench Drop Bottom Furnaces

  • Drop Bottom Furnace with two quench tanks
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Quick Quench Drop Bottom Furnaces are used to solution heat treat aluminum alloys to pyrometric AMS 2750E specifications.

In addition to processing aluminum, they are available in higher temperature ratings to heat treat ferrous metal parts for those who want the convenience and space savings offered by the quench tank located under the industrial furnace. The quench tank may roll beneath the door or from side to side and a single quench may serve two or more furnaces.

The horizontal opening door rolls easily on an adjustable inclined track to guarantee a good seal. A variety of lift and quench control designs are available to meet the speed requirements of your process.

Heating Elements
We use top quality NiCr resisted heating wire, coiled to form low surface watt density elements for long life and low maintenance.  The coils are fastened into grooves of the insulating walls or plug style heaters.

PID temperature controllers and independent over-temperature shutdown control is standard. A variety of NADCAP compliant data recording options are available. Our control technicians are familiar with many different control options, please contact us.

Refractory Lining
The furnace surface is insulated with 6 to 8 inches of high purity Fiber Space insulating ceramic fiber panels. This edge grain ceramic fiber construction is highly resistant to erosion, making it ideal for use with the high velocity air produced by the circulation fans. 
Special Features

  • Guaranteed to meet Mil-Spec 6088, AMS 2750E, AMS2770, AMS 2771,  AMS2772 for Aluminum Solution Heat Treating
  • Can be used for Aging
  • Environmentally Friendly (no pit required)
  • A convenient "Space Saver"
Available Options

Many options are available to customize the furnace for your particular operation. The list below is just of few of the more common choices:
  • Polymer or Water Quench (heated and/or cooled)
  • Pneumatic or electric lift for basket (quench delay 5-15 sec max)
  • External Hoist Systems for Basket Handling
  • Automatic Level Control
  • Total Dissolved Solids Control