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  • Choosing a Heating Method
    Kilns and Furnaces are heated using one of two heating methods, fuel fired or electrically heated. Choosing the correct heating technology for your application is a critical step in deciding upon your overall thermal technology solution. A variety....more
  • World Class Furnace Performance (by Wendell Keith)
    Many of today’s ceramic innovations would not have been possible if not for the development of advanced furnace designs. Small electric furnace capable of precision firing with both convection and radiant heating, along .... more
  • Quartz Annealing Ovens Basics (by Steve Mortensen)
    The quartz annealing industry has traditionally used very simple annealing equipment which in many cases was not thoroughly engineered.  Such ovens generally did an acceptable job of annealing quartz, but not without cleanliness and maintenance problems which added unnecessary cost and...more
  • Improving Decoration Firing Through Lehr and Kiln Adjustments (by Ron Allen)
    If a new lehr or kiln would make your decorating operation more competitive and profitable, but you can’t afford new equipment, then it is time to seriously consider modernizing or improving the management.. more