Control cabinet with SCR
Control cabinet with SCR

Keith Company provides turnkey solutions for most any business that uses process heating equipment. We help companies enter the world of advanced control technologies with systems that are user-friendly, practical and cost effective. As the complexity of process heating operations increases, Keith helps companies develop powerful industrial information technology strategies and standards to meet those needs, which becomes a roadmap for addressing both current and future control technology needs.

Keith delivers comprehensive engineering, hardware, software, installation, and support services to make sure your entire system operates the way it should.

Process Control
Our engineering team is experienced in many process control disciplines. This expertise differentiates us from competitors who focus on material handling and packaging automation. We can upgrade an entire system, or integrate retrofits into existing equipment.

Software Programming & Data Management
More alternatives are available than ever before for using plant data to maximize productivity and profits. Which applications make the most sense for your operation? What is the best way to integrate and manage your data? We'll help you make and implement effective and economical solutions