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Dual Chamber Heat Treat Furnace with Atmosphere (K-12-12-20-D)
(Videos about Controller, Recorder, Program & Power Hookup)

K-12-12-20-D Overview- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(Overview that describes the K-12-12-20-D Furnace)

K-12-12-20-D Power Hookup - Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(How to hook up power to K-12-12-20-D)

EC44 Controller Intro - Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(Short description about Home Screen of EC44 Temperature Controller)

6700 High Limit Controller- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(How to reset a 6700 High Limit Controller)

Recorder eZTrend- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(eZtrend paperless Chart)

EC44 Writing a Program- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(Explains how to wirte a program in a EC44 Temperature Controller)

EC44 SetPoint Programming- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(Explains how to use the Setpoint Mode on a EC44 Temperature Controller)

Running a program- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(Explains how to run a program in a EC44 Temperature Controller)

K-12-12-20-D Atmosphere- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(Explains how to hook up atmosphere gas and explains Manual Atmosphere mode)

K-12-12-20-D Upper Chamber- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(Describes the upper chamber)

K-12-12-20-D Lower Chamber- Atmosphere Dual Chamber Furnace
(Describes lower chamber)