After the closure of Titan Industrial Heating Systems in 2018,  Keith Company was taking over some of their services and started selling immersion heaters for the metal finishing industry, control panels for digital temperature readout and liquid level controls on plating tanks.

Our staff can repair wire wound (aka resistance coil) heating elements for Proheco / Proheatco with original ceramics, metallic heating elements for Recco Furnaces and many other brand products.

One of our specialties are quartz heaters for acid solutions, which work on the same principle as infrared heaters for industrial heating solutions. Other types of heaters include Over-the-side immersion heaters (single or multiple tube design), L-shaped or bottom immersion heaters for better heat distribution, screw-plug or screw-in immersion heaters and Flanged immersion heaters.

We custom manufacture also portable immersion heaters with integrated temperature controlle and small titanium laboratory immersion heaters. We also manufacture electrical control cabinets with digital readout temperature controllers and liquid level controls.

Please contact us (562) 951-9500 for the products mentioned above.