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March 2024
Tool Room / Laboratory Furnace - Specials for March/April

July 2023
AMS 2750F replaced by AMS 2750G - Summary Changes

March 2021
Important Revision from AMS2750E to new AMS2750F

December 2019
Order Furnace before 12/31/19 to get a free Thermocouple and a free Hearth Plate

May 2019
AMS2750E / CQI-9 compliant Tool Room Dual Chamber Furnaces

February 2019
Custom Box Furnaces with Fast Heat Technology up to 1800C

November 2018
Take advantage of the 15% discount on selected parts until November 30th, 2018

February 2018
Heat Treat Furnaces with Automatically Controlled Inert Protective Gas Atmosphere

October 2016
Metallic Heating Elements for Furnaces, Kilns & Ovens

September 2015
The Cost of Poor Furnace Temperature Uniformity: Keith Co. produces solution heat treatment furnaces and aging ovens that are engineered to provide truly code compliant recovery, temperature uniformity, and quench parameters within the rated load space from the first production load to the last. Intelligent use of materials and an intimate understanding of the factors that affect uniformity are the starting point for every project we consider.

May 2015
Keith's standard dual chamber metal heat treat furnaces feature two furnace chambers with different temperatures. The two chambers allow for immediate tempering or drawing after quench without waiting for the hardening chamber to cool down to the lower temperature required.

February 2015
Versatile Benchtop Hardening Furnaces: Keith's Bench Top Furnaces can be classified as one of three basic types, "Heat Treating Furnaces" also known as hardening furnaces, "Draw Furnaces" also known as annealing, tempering or forced convection furnaces and "Assaying Furnaces" used for gold determination as well as jewelry making.

November 2014
One Step processing of green ceramic with organic binders. At Keith company kilns, furnaces, and ovens are custom engineered to allow processing (binder burnout and sintering) of components in one single machine. More...

September 2014
Fuel gas fired versus electrically heated thermal processing equipment

August 2014
Keith Company offers custom built and standard ovens and furnaces for the metal heat treat industry - Standards AMS, NADCAP, CSA, BAC, MIL-spec