replacement wire wound heating element for Recco Furnace
Wire wound heating elements
heat treat furnace with circulation fan
Heat treat furnace with circulation fan

recco furnaces

Recco joined the Keith Company in 2002. Since then, many hundred former Recco customers have relied on our know-how and quick turnaround times to keep their industrial furnaces in production.

We understand the value of production equipment. Our technical support team has years of experience successfully serving a wide-variety of clients in many industries. We specialize in providing emergency repairs, complete system refurbishment, control and automation upgrades, as well as offering permitting and compliance assistance. We can also help you take full advantage of energy conservation incentive programs.

The smaller units are lined with 2 ½ inches of brick insulation backed up with 1 ½ inch of high temperature block insulation.  The base is well-ventilated to prevent bench damage.  The instruments are mounted on the tilted front panel for easy viewing.  Full access to the controls for repair and adjustment is provided via a pull-out drawer.  The unique vertical rising door is mounted on heavy steel swing arms. 

Vastly improved productivity, more consistent quality, reduced labor cost and greater workplace safety are the most common result when you invest in servicing your Recco thermal equipment.