Custom fabricated small high temperature box furnace
Custom fabricated small high
temperature box furnace
Box furnace for composites
Box Furnace for composites

Ceramic Fiber Fabrication

For nearly thirty years, Ceramic Fiber Fabrication (CFF) designed and built several hundred high temperature kilns, lehrs and ovens for the glass, traditional ceramics and decorating industries until Keith Company was fortunate enough to acquire the company in 1997.

CFF continues as a strong arm of Keith Company and is proud to report that hundreds of CFF kilns are in use daily by companies across the country.

Looking deep into the technological process of CFF, Keith Company immediately responded to the unique ceramic fiber insulation system that was at the heart of CFF’s kilns. In fact, CFF pioneered many of the first successful kiln linings made of ceramic fiber. Ceramic fiber has the advantage of low heat storage and precise temperature control under fast changing heating and cooling cycles which allows for some interesting heating and cooling applications that would otherwise not be possible.

Ceramic fiber is composed of the same minerals that are found in fire brick, mortars and refractory products and is an alumina silica composition that is melted down and blown into fibers. While ceramic fiber has many qualities that make it a fantastic material to use for high temperature furnaces and kilns, like any material, it also has its drawbacks. Some of the challenges of ceramic fiber are that it is fragile at high temperatures, it has an inability to support substantial weight, it is suspect to mechanical damage and it shrinks excessively if over fired.