Tool Room Furnaces / Laboratory Furnaces

Today's requirements for toolroom and laboratory furnaces are evolving since heat treaters are increasingly required to meet industry standards such as AMS 2750G (aircraft) and CQI-9 (automotive) to obtain NADCAP certification. Temperature uniformity on heat treated parts, spare parts availability and operator safety are other challenges that our customers are facing. Please contact our specialist if you have questions.

Keith and Recco have been supplying furnaces built in the USA for over 70 years. Today Recco is merged with Keith Company and is marketed under the Keith label. Applications for tool room and lab furnaces (small industrial furnaces) include metal heat treating, hardening, tempering (annealing/drawing), ceramics firing and decorating, wax burn-out, copper enameling, mold heating, crucible melting of non-ferrous metals, ashing, assaying, and many more uses too numerous to list here. 

Assaying Furnace (Tool Room / Laboratory)

The Keith Standard 2250F Rated Cress Bench Top Assaying Furnace comes in a variety of model sizes and configurations. The Assaying Heat Treat Furnaces are used primarily for heat treating metal, precious metal melting and assaying as well as all types of testing.

The special features of these assaying furnaces are resistance coil wire elements protected by high temperature embedding cement and a clear air exhaust system located on the back of the furnace.

Hardening Furnace (Tool Room / Laboratory)

Every Keith Bench Top Hardening Cress furnace is produced with a microprocessor-based controller, easy to change alloy wire elements, porcelain hearth plate, heavy gauge sheet steel furnace case, finest quality insulating fire brick backed up by 1800F fiber board insulation, door safety switches, and counter balanced vertical rising doors designed to keep the hot face away from the operator.

Tempering Furnace (Tool Room / Laboratory)

The Keith Bench Top Tempering Heat Treat Cress Furnace rated to 1250°F Rated is often a companion to the Bench Top Metal Hardening Furnace rated 2250°F. It has become the industry standard for general use in the shop, laboratory or factory where temperatures between 300°F – 1250°F ±10°F (AMS 2750F class 2) are required.

Dual Chamber Furnace

This standard dual chamber furnace combines a hardening furnace and a tempering/drawing furnace stacked on top of each other. This construction allows for immediate tempering/drawing after hardening since both chambers are independently temperature controlled.