Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens, Lehrs
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Temperature Control in Furnaces and Kilns

  • AMS2750F furnace control for aluminum solution heat treatment
  • AMS2750F Temperature Control for Bottom Drop Oven
  • Gas train on shuttle kiln
  • Customized Graphical Operator Interface
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Pyrometry specifications (temperature measurements) AMS 2750F are the dominant equipment specifications used for thermal processes of metals in the aerospace industry. Many other specifications (examples: CQI-9, BAC 5621, RPS 953, NADCAP 7102) reference partially to AMS 2750F. Section 3.2 defines the requirements for thermocouples, instrument accuracy and calibration intervals for control instruments and recorders which need to be digital and have a readability of .1°F (.1°C) by June 2022. This means an instrument displaying 4 numbers can only be used to 999.9°F (537.7°C). It also requires that source data records can not be altered without detection (temper evident).
Our electric heated or gas fired furnaces and ovens can meet AMS 2750F class 1 or class 2 specification. Contact our application engineers to find out how to make your equipment compliant and upgrade to a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to improve information flow in your manufacturing processes.

Keith is also a UL panel shop that builds control panels for every process control system.