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Controls / Sensors

Correct process temperature and safety concerns in chemical plating tanks require constant temperature monitoring which is often done with thermocouples of different dissimilar metals connected to a digital temperature controller.

Maintaining correct temperature in metal finishing tank and limiting outside parameters like evaporation of solutions can be easily controlled by installing the thermocouple at correct location. For example: if the tip of the sensor in a chemical process tank is located at the bottom of the tank, the control can not sense the "raising heat" and will consequently stay on to meet the demand of the control. So be sure that your sensor is located in the TOP 30% of your process solution. Thermocouples are cost effective and easy to exchange. In case of a thermocouple failure, the digital temperature controller will alarm.

Besides constant control of the temperature, we also highly recommend to install a liquid level safety control. This is a must have safety device in plastic tanks (Polypro and PTFE coated) and also a good investment in metal tank because solutions evaporate, tanks fracture, erode, corrode or disintegrate due to electrolysis.

Our capabilities apply if your application calls for a small control to heat a simple tank, or if you are installing a new shop with RS-485 integration with data collection, which has the ability to notify you by phone of the status of your system.