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Precipitation Hardening / Aging / Annealing Ovens

Precipitation hardening of aluminum alloys occurs at temperatures between 225°F and 460°F where the copper precipitates in the aluminum and hardens it. This precipitation occurs over several hours resulting that one oven can process multiple loads of solution heat treated aluminum parts. Precipitation hardening and aging processes need to meet AMS 2750G (formerly AMS2750F) class 1 requirements. Available gas fired or electric heated.

Annealing aluminum alloys involves heating the material and then let it cool slowly (example: aluminum 6061 heat up to 775°F then controlled cooling at 50-500°F / hour) to make it more malleable. This process can be done in a dedicated annealing oven, precipitation hardening / aging oven or in a solution heat treat oven without using the quench function. Available gas fired or electric heated.