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Belt furnace for Aluminum Solution heat treating AMS 2750

Keith Company belt furnaces represent an economical multi functional alternative for solution heat treating of small aluminum parts. They are engineered for continuous or batch processing. The dual mode capability is made possible by control options that can monitor and record each batch separately. The belt speed can be programmed through the PLC to accommodate different heating profiles as required by different AMS 2750G (formerly AMS2750F) and NADCAP specifications.

Whether you are solution heat treating high volume production parts for the aerospace or automotive industries or performing small batch heat treating of prototype aluminum additive manufacturing parts, Keith Company offers various AMS 2750G (previously AMS2750F) compliant belt furnace designs that will meet your aluminum thermal processing requirements. 

Standard belt furnace features for aluminum solution heat treating:
  • Temperatures up to 1200°F Electric heated and fuel fired systems
  • For batch and continuous production
  • Temperature controlled quench tank with optional chiller
  • NFPA 86 compliant