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Electric Drop Bottom Furnaces for AMS 2750G

Solution heat treating of aluminum in electric heated drop bottom furnaces may require a smaller upfront investment but may have higher energy cost then gas fired furnaces. The load is heated by convection. Metallic heating elements in the form of coiled resistance wire (aka wire wound heating elements) are exposed to an air stream generated by a fan. The heat is transferred from the heating element into the air stream and then into the part. Radiation shields protect the load to meet all process specifications created by AMS, BAC, RPS or Milspec.

Electric heated bottom drop industrial furnaces for solution heat treatment of aluminum and magnesium alloys are used when products of combustion in the air stream are not tolerable, energy cost are not a main concern and investment cost for indirect gas fired equipment are not justifiable.

Keith Company designs class 1 and class 2 solution heat treatment furnaces meeting pyrometric requirements according to aerospace material specifications AMS 2750G (previously AMS2750F) and NADCAP.