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Aluminum Solution Heat Treating Furnaces

  • Indirect Gas Fired Aluminum Heat Treat furnace with quench and rinse tank
  • Fuel Gas Fired Drop Bottom Furnace with heated quench tank
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Keith Company builds drop bottom furnaces for batch application and belt furnaces for continuous production needs. These furnaces can be electrically heated or they can be fuel fired. For the air craft industry (no products of combustion can be in the air stream), we build indirect gas fired furnaces which typically have much lower firing costs compared to electric fired furnaces.

Keith manufactures a variety of furnaces designed to provide precision heat treating in batches or in continuous systems. All of our aluminum heat treatment products are produced to conform to relevant standards, typically AMS 2750E for equipment capabilities, and can be delivered with uniformity better than +/- 5°F and quench delay times less than 5 seconds from the moment the doors start to open.  Keith Class 1 furnaces and ovens are truly Class 1 throughout the designed working space and provide accurate and repeatable results time after time.

Keith produces complete systems, with a full range of heating techniques and quench tanks with heating or cooling depending upon the process.

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