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Aluminum Solution Heat Treat (AMS 2750E, MIL-H-6088)

  • Indirect Gas Fired Aluminum Heat Treat furnace with quench and rinse tank
  • Fuel Gas Fired Drop Bottom Furnace with heated quench tank
  • Aluminum Solution Drop Bottom Furnace
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Keith Company builds in the USA drop bottom furnaces for batch production and belt furnaces for continuous production. These furnaces can be electrically heated or they can be fuel fired. (direct- or indirect fired if no products of combustion can be in the air stream; like Alclad). Larger gas fired furnaces can result in lower firing costs compared to electric heated furnaces.

All of our aluminum heat treat furnaces and ovens meet the pyrometric requirements of AMS 2750E, BAC 5621, RPS953, CQI-9 and NADCAP. Customer process requirements like AMS 2770, AMS 2771, AMS 2772, AMS 4439 dictates solution heat treatment parameters such as:

  • instrumention type (A, B, C, D, E)
  • furnace class: class 1 (+/- 5°F) or class 2 (+/- 10°F)
  • electric heated or gas fired (direct or indirect)
  • quench delay time (5 - max 15 seconds); agitated
  • quench tank configuration (quench tank fluid heated and/or cooled)

The softness of aluminum after solution heat treatment can be used for forming, but to reach maximum hardness, aluminum alloys need to have the dissolved elements fully precipitated out. This can be achieved with artificial aging (precipitation hardening) in an aging oven at 240°F - 475°F or natural aging at room temperature.

Here Aluminum Solution Heat Treating furnaces you find more details about different configurations.