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Al Solution Heat Treating for AMS 2750E, NADCAP, MIL-H-6088

Aluminum heat treating furnaces made in USA include solution heat treatment in bottom drop furnaces/ovens or belt furnaces (electric heated, direct gas and indirect gas fired) and subsequent precipitation or age hardening. Our equipment is built for process specifications such as  AMS 2770, AMS 2771, AMS 2772, BAC-5621, RPS-953, MIL-H-6088 and others, as well as NADCAP AC1702 requirements. 

The process parameters for heat treatment of Aluminum alloys are determined by the responsible engineering organization (examples: AMS / CQI-9) depending upon the desired outcome and intended use. The aircraft & aerospace industry recognizes and adheres to processes as determined and promulgated through NADCAP process specifications. Automotive industries also process Magnesium alloys.

Aluminum solution heat treatment involves raising the alloy temperature to a point where alloy constituents dissolve back into “solution” within the aluminum base material. This process is temperature critical and requires highly accurate control of both temperature uniformity and soak time at temperature. Once the correct condition has been achieved the material is quenched quickly (5-15sec quench delay times) insuring that the materials previously dissolved remain “frozen” in solution.

Precipitation or Age hardening makes use of the tendency of alloying materials to come back out of solution over time.  This process occurs even without special treatment, but Aging ovens (225°F - 460°F) are generally used to speed up the process thereby assuring the delivered product is fully hardened and ready to be used.

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