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Shaker Hearth Furnace for Titanium Fasteners

Shaker Hearth Furnaces are used by all major manufacturers to solution heat treat Titanium and steel fasteners for the aeropspace and automotive industry. It functions through the timed and repetitive acceleration and deceleration of the hearth along the axis of product travel, causing parts to shift forward at each impulse cycle discharging single parts into the quench tank thus breaking up the insulation blanket of steam to avoid intergranular corrosion. 

Operating in automatic mode, the system moves precisely weighed batches of salt bath cleaned, dry parts into an entrance air lock which is vacumed out and then backfilled with argon, prior to loading them onto the furnace shaker hearth. Parts are transported horizontally through the furnace muffle by calibrated and adjustable reciprocation cycles. Parts move through the 1675°-1750° F hot zone in a low dew-point (-65°F; -54°C) or lower argon atmosphere, before dropping directly into a agitated quench medium (water, polymer or oil) and then be removed by a conveyor to your receptacle.

The furnace control system is fully automatic for controlling, monitoring, and recording all furnace functions including load sizes, cycle time, temperature, vacuum, and atmosphere flow rate. A variety of monitoring and control options are available to meet the most stringent process requirements. The furnaces can be electric heated or gas fired.

The furnace system meets AMS 2750E, AMS/MIL-H-81200 and various ISO certifications.