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Retort Furnaces for Titanium & stainless steel parts

Retort furnaces have a sealed vessel that is placed over or around the product and separates the product and process space from the system insulation and heat source. Retort furnaces allow accurate and efficient control of the work space Argon or Hydrogen atmosphere and provide low atmosphere usage due to the closed nature of the system. Max temperatures of 1300°C/2400°F; dew point of -60°F or better.
Retorts can be fixed mounted in Front Loading Box Furnaces with gasketed doors, Pit Furnaces with a flange at the top, or moveable in Bell Furnaces that are lowered over a fixed base, or Bells permanently mounted inside the heating chamber of a Bottom Loading Furnace or shaker hearth furnaces.
In the aerospace industry, large format retorts allow the fabrication of macro-scale carbon composite assemblies and the processing of large scale titanium aircraft parts. Very large parts can also be processed in a cold wall furnace to avoid the costly retort.

- Heat treating of Titanium parts (AMS-H-81200)
- bright annealing of stainless steel parts

Here is an overview over the different furnace designs we engineer and manufacture in the USA.