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Muffle Furnace with Hydrogen atmosphere, gas fired

  • Belt Furnace with Muffle and Preheat Retort
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A Muffle Furnace is a Continuous Furnace that allows continuous processing of small to medium sized parts in a Hydrogen or inert gas atmosphere.
Most commonly produced as a metal alloy tunnel, either with doors or simple isolation gas seals at the ends, muffles furnaces have several different means of transport (belt furnace or pusher furnace) of product through the furnace, and can be designed to use either electricity or fuel gas combustion as a heating system.
Belt Furnaces utilize alloy or ceramic belts to draw product through the furnace muffle. This the most common format for Controlled Atmosphere Continuous Muffle Furnaces.

- billet heating
- bright annealing of stainless steel
- glass annealing