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Belt Furnaces and Lehrs

Keith Co. standard Belt Furnaces and Lehrs are available for process temperatures up to 1750°F.
Parts or saggers are placed on a conveyor belt and while traveling through the furnace are exposed to different temperatures and atmospheres. This design is more energy-efficient than a batch furnace because the furnace refractory doesn’t need to be heated and cooled for every load. Different heating profiles can be achieved by varying the belt speed and changing zone setpoints.

Fuel-gas fired, both direct and indirect, or electrically heated versions are available. Electric or fuel-gas fired belt furnaces with muffles can be operated with a large variety of special process atmospheres; endothermic gas, hydrogen, and inert gases are common.

Applications for belt furnaces and ovens

  • Bright annealing of copper, bronze, precious metals and steel alloys
  • Decorating of ceramics, glass, and metals
  • Glass annealing, preheating prior to pressing, and slumping
  • Aluminum solution heat treating with integral quench system, AMS and NADCAP compliant
  • Sintering of catalysts
  • Production of foamed glass

General capabilities

  • Electric and gas fired heating systems
  • Custom built to match temperature profile, width and height
  • Air, inert and reducing atmospheres
  • Automated loading, unloading and storage systems
  • AMS 2750G control options

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