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Front Loading or Top Loading Box Furnace

Front loading box furnaces are suitable for a wide range of applications from 300°F to 3500°F. This general purpose furnace type is commonly used for smaller part sizes, like in a laboratory, or for bigger part sizes, like preheating ingots before forging. The biggest advantage is the versatility for designing the door opening. These industrial box furnaces can be loaded by hand or by forklift. Keith Company builds them with a variety of door opening mechanism (i.e. swing doors, hinged doors, guillotine doors) tailored to customer needs.

Top loading kilns/furnaces are frequently used for bigger parts so they can be loaded via crane.

General capabilities

  • Can be electrically heated or gas fired
  • Chamber volume up to 200 cbft
  • Single or multiple zones of temperature control
  • Venting and controlled atmosphere as options available
  • Integration with material handling systems as option available
  • Can be insulated with many type of refractories
  • 300°F to 3500°F

General applications

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