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Bench Top Assaying Furnace rated up to 2250°F

The Keith Standard 2250°F Rated Bench Top Assaying Furnace comes in a variety of model sizes and configurations – Like its two counter parts  Keith Bench Top Hardening Heat Treat Furnace & Keith Bench Top Annealing Heat Treat Furnace.–  These assaying furnaces with embedded heating elements for harsh environment and exhaust fan are primarily used for metal heat treating, precious metal melting and assaying as well as all types of material testing in R&D Labs.

The special features of these assaying furnaces are resistance coil wire elements protected by high temperature embedding cement and a clear air exhaust system located on the back of the furnace. Additional options include a microprocessor-based controller, a porcelain hearth plate, heavy gauge sheet steel furnace case, quality insulating fire brick backed up by 1800°F fiber board insulation, door safety switches, and counter balanced vertical rising doors designed to keep the hot face away from the operator when he opens the door. These are only a few of the special features of our bench top assaying furnaces.

The Keith 2250°F Bench Top Assaying Heat Treat Furnaces come in a variety of model sizes and configurations with an array of options including quench tank, digital recorder for data capture, furnace bench stands, crucibles & kiln furniture – just to name a few.