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Bench Top Hardening Heat Treat Furnaces - Ovens

  • K-121220-B with over temp controller, embedded ceramic heating elements
  • Single Atmosphere without Recorder
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The hardening temperature for many tool steels (examples: 17-4 PH, D2, A2, A6, H13, S7, M2, AISI 4140) is in the red heat zone between 1500°F and 2000°F. Our bench top models with a vertical rising door for operator safety are manufactured in the US and can be configured quickly to meet your heat treating process needs. Options include quench tank, inert gas atmosphere to reduce scaling, AMS 2750E instrumention type D or CQI-9 package for NADCAP certification, bench stands and various temperature controllers.

The Keith 2250°F Rated Bench Top Hardening Heat Treat Furnaces have become industry’s standard throughout the world for both small scale factory production and laboratory R&D where reliable, accurate temperature control, excellent temperature uniformity, long lasting performance, and safe operations are now a necessity.  These Industrial bench top hardening heat treat furnaces have become known variously as table top furnaces, heat treat furnaces, tool room furnaces, laboratory test furnaces, single chamber heat treating furnaces, high temperature box furnaces, heat treatment ovens amongst others and are used in the manufacture and testing of metals, ceramics, glass and electronics. Their most common application, however, is for metallurgical processes requiring heat treatment to alter the mechanical properties of an alloy – both iron-based and non-ferrous – for the purpose of manipulating the metal’s properties for such desired qualities as hardness, strength, toughness, ductility and elasticity.

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  • PID temperature controller Watlow PM4E (4 programs, 10 steps, timer)
  • PID temperature controller Watlow F4 (40 programs, 256 steps, timer)
  • Other PID controllers upon request (Nanodac, etc)
  • High limit/over temperature protection (includes controller and thermocouple)
  • Honeywell eZtrend Recorder for data collection and transfer
  • Electrical other than standard 240 Volt, single phase, 60 Hz
  • Steel Bench Top furnace stand 
  • Audible Alarm
  • Roll away quench tank
  • Ceramic cement embedded element plate assemblies for heating element protection
  • Spare parts 

Every Keith Bench Top Hardening Cress furnace is produced with a microprocessor-based controller, easy to change alloy wire elements, porcelain hearth plate, heavy gauge sheet steel furnace case, high quality insulating fire brick backed up by 1800°F fiber board insulation, door safety switches, and balanced vertical rising doors designed to keep the hot face away from the operator when the door is open.

For larger volume jobs we recommend our heavy duty series.

Standard Features amongst others are Fire brick with easy to change resistance wire heating elements.

View the Bench Top Hardening Furnace Spec Sheet with a full description of features and options and then either call to talk to a Keith company specialist or email to request quote with additional furnace specifications and delivery.