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Heat Treat Foil - Stainless Steel 321 / 309

The use of stainless steel foil to reduce decarburization of air hardening tool steel is a common practice for tool room shops. How to use it: form a pouch or pocket and fold the edges several times (triplefold) over. Be carefull, the edges of the stainless steel tool wrap are very sharp! Tips:
1. A small piece of paper in the pocket (that will burn up at 1000degF) will consum most of the trapped oxygen.

Keith stocks rolls of stainless steel heat-treating foil with .002" thickness and 20" Wide 
  • Alloy #321 is a high-titanium, soft annealed stainless intended for heat treating parts at temperatures up to 2000F.
  • Alloy #309 may be used at temperatures up to 2240F.

Stainless Steel Foil Roll Sizes and Packaging

  • Alloy #321 & #309 foil is available in 20" wide by 100 ft long (167 sq ft) rolls packed in convenient dispenser cartons, 
  • Special widths and lengths of foil are also available by special order.

Stainless steel foil tool wrap protects air-hardening tool steel parts from scale and oxide buildup during heat treating in ordinary furnaces. By using foil tool wrap in your conventional furnace, one