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Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) for Furnaces and Kilns

Firebrick & Insulating Firebrick
Keith provides a complete range of dense and Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) that offers unsurpassed performance and value for a wide variety of industries and applications. Many different grades of firebrick are manufactured according to international standards, and are suitable to operate in various temperatures and atmospheres up to 3250F.


  • Excellent strength at ambient and elevated temperatures
  • High compressive strength
  • Every brick ground to precise dimensions
  • Very low levels of iron and other impurities
  • Lightweight and energy-efficient
  • Lower heat storage than denser refractories
  • Heats quickly and economically to operating temperature
  • Cools fast to speed periodic operations

Special Firebrick
A specially-bonded grade of high temperature insulating fire brick is also available that is produced with unique processes. A ceramic bond is formed during manufacture by high temperature firing. This produces bricks that are very stable and strong at temperatures higher than 2600F.


  • High-temperature insulating firebrick with use limits up to 3250 F
  • Excellent strength and thermal stability
  • Low heat storage
  • High purity
  • Excellent thermal conductivity

also provides refractory mortars developed to match dense and insulating firebricks in various thermal, chemical and physical service conditions. Available in wet and dry grades, these mortars provide the convenience you want with the performance you need for practically every high-temperature refractory application.


  • Matched for use with specific firebrick and insulating firebrick
  • Both heat-setting and air-setting grades are available
  • Temperature use limits range from 2850F to 3200F

Keith will be pleased to review your specific needs and offer economical and effective solutions. Contact us to learn more.