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Alloy Fabrication

Keith fabricates and supplies a broad range of custom alloy products capable of operating at high temperatures. Each alloy product is designed and built to meet specific requirements, and Keith helps you evaluate and select the material and configuration most appropriate for your needs. Our engineering team will also help you resolve problems you may have experienced in the past with high temperature alloy fabrications.

Alloy Heat Treat Boxes
Heat treating boxes offer an economical means of protecting parts from oxidization during heating treating in an air atmosphere furnace. We can fabricate boxes to your design or help design them specifically for your particular needs.

Alloy Baskets, Fixtures and Racks
We may be able to help you gain usable space within your furnace by redesigning a custom alloy fabrication. Besides greater furnace load capacity, perhaps you have a problem with material handling that a better designed alloy fabrication can help resolve.