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Heaters for Black Oxide Plating Tanks

Black Oxide plating or blackening is used to add mild corrosion resistance to ferrous materials. In general, we are talking about a 290°F heating application which can be done in electric heated or gas-fired metal finishing tanks.

The sheath material for the immersion heaters for Black Oxide Plating Tanks should be 316 Stainless steel; DERATED to 10 WSI (Watts per Square Inch). This application has a high solution evaporation rate; we therefor recommend an L-shaped or Bottom immersion heater, but Over-the-side immersion-heaters are also used.

For example: in a 3ft x 3ft x 3ft tank you have 200 gallons to the top. The solution will expand 15% to 36” x .85 = 30 “solution height. A CW3 Series would fit the requirement. The CW-3 Series has a 12” minimum level height. If the desired heat up time is four hours, we need 12kW of heating power. Using the filters below you can find the immersion heater for your application.

We highly recommend to install a liquid level control for this application.

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