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Heaters for Phosphoric Acid Metal Finishing Tanks

Phosphoric acid is a thick, kind of syrupy solution and has a specific gravity of 1.6. It does not transfer heat well.

Quartz heaters or PTFE (Teflon®) coating are the preferred sheath materials for phosphoric acid heating. However, quartz heaters need to be derated (reducing watt density) for Phosphoric Acid tanks. The solution has a habit of building up on the sheath over a period of time. De-rating the heaters slows down this process.

Extra caution should be used when installing and handling PTFE coated and quartz heaters. Quartz heaters  are made as over-the-side immersion heaters, not L-shaped or bottom designs. Our three component (guard, quartz tube, heating element) construction allows our customers to purchase each individual component separately, thus saving cost. 

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The filters below helps you select the right immersion heater for your Phosphoric Acid Plating Tank.

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