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Heaters for Deep Tanks

Over the side immersion heaters for deep tank are usually longer than 72” (6 ft). We manufacture heaters up to 480” (40 Ft).

9ft long immersion heater for deep tank

12ft long immersion heater for deep hard chrome tank

18ft long immersion heater for deep hard chrome tank

9ft long immersion heater 12ft long immersion heater 18ft long immersion heater

Getting the heat to the bottom of the tank is essential in these deep tanks and therefore correct length of the cold zone is crucial. Deep tank immersion heaters are commonly used in hydraulic cylinder repair shops, hard chroming of drilling equipment and plating tanks for long aircraft parts.

The sheath materials are 316 Stainless or Titanium. Titanium sheath is used extensively in the Hard Chrome plating shops for hydraulic cylinder plating.

We strongly recommend to install a liquid level control in your plating tanks.

We can manufacture:

  • 1 and 3 tube designs
  • Single or 3 phase designs
  • 240 or 480 volts
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