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Quartz and PTFE (TeflonĀ®) Immersion Heaters for Acid Solution Plating Tanks

For acidic solutions, quartz or PTFE (Teflon®) coated immersion heaters are used. Quartz heaters are resisting pH solutions from 0 to 7, except Hyrdrofluoric acids and caustics. For Hydrofluoric acids of less than 9% concentration we recommend PTFE coated immersion heaters. Many nickel and chrome plating tanks have quartz heaters installed because for this application, they're more economic than PTFE coated heaters, which we also manufacture.

Extra caution should be used when installing and handling quartz and PTFE coated heaters. Quartz heaters are build as over-the-side heaters up to 70in long, so they can be easily installed from the top. Depending on power needs, we can group three heaters together; all well protected by a guard. (Polypro, CPVC for chrome applications or stainless steel)

Our quartz immersion heaters are manufactured in three components:

  • Polypro guard
  • Quartz tube
  • Heating element

This construction reduces your costs since all three components can be purchased separately.

Temperature control systems and Liquid level safety devices must be used with this product.