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L-Shaped or Bottom Immersion Heaters for Metal Finishing Tanks

L-shaped Immersion Heaters (also called Bottom Immersion Heaters) are used in higher temperature (above 150degF) which have increased evaporation rates. The advantage of an L-shaped Immersion Heater (compared to the Over the side Immersion Heater) is the better heat distribution throughout the tank due to the natural buoyancy of fluids and there is less chance of exposure to air which would cause premature burn-out of the immersion heater.

The heaters are manufactured standard with two inch high sludge legs to avoid direct contact between the heater and the bottom of the solution tank. Make sure you specify the riser height (tank depth "dimension A") before ordering.

We highly recommend using liquid level controls with any electric immersion heater.

By using the filters below you can select your L-shaped or Bottom Immersion Heater by choosing parameters such as sheath material, power requirements (kW), tank depth (Dim A), heater length (Dim B) and your utility requirements.  

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