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Heaters for Sodium Dichromate Hot Seal Plating Tanks

Hot seal tanks usually operate at 180° F or hotter. The heaters have to be stout. No plastic junction boxes. This heater is usually mounted in a metal tank and the heat needs to be applied to the bottom of the tank as close as possible. L-shaped or bottom immersion heaters are therefor preferred which reduce the usable tank depth by 4 in. If this is a problem, we offer the CWSS-3 series (see picture) which features stacked heater tubes rising from the bottom and follow the tank wall up in a vertical pattern.

If an Over the side immersion heater is needed, then the cold zone of the heater needs to be as long as possible. So if your tank is 48” deep order 46” heaters. We will design the COLD ZONE of the heater to be 8, 10 or 12“ down.

A Liquid Level Control is a must for this application. These systems must be check tested and reset at least once a month.

We also can supply the control system and communication links in a Fiberglass enclosure.

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