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Heaters for Electroless Nickel Plating Tanks

Auto Catalytic nickel plating is referred to as Electroless Nickel plating (EN plating) in a heated tank. The ideal heating system heats the solution quickly (usually in 2-3 hours). We have gas fired or electrically heated designs for Polypro tanks, stainless steel tanks and double boiler tanks.

Most popular heating methods for electroless nickel plating tanks are:

Immersion heaters for Polypro Tanks

  • pump outside, heater inside
  • pump outside and heat exchanger outside
  • pump outside and grid steam coils inside
  • pump inside and filter outside
  • pump inside, filter bag and agitation system
  • With stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger

Immersion heaters for Stainless steel tanks

  • pump outside and tube heat ex-changer
  • outer tank of stainless steel “double boiler” tank with gas heating

Immersion heaters for Double boiler tank

  • electric heating outside

The filters below help you select the right immersion heater for your electro-less Nickel (EN) plating application.

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