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Immersion heaters for Polypropylene Tanks

Heaters for Polypropylene (Polypro) tanks should always have a liquid level safety and a manual reset switch with all installations. The hotter the solution gets the more expansion takes place and the greater the likely hood of a fractured tank.

Polypropylene (PP) was developed in the 1970’s since then it has become a standard material used in chemical applications. It can be fabricated into different size tanks and can handle solutions up to 190°F. The larger tanks with high solution temperatures and “wave action” from parts on hoists create an increased possibility of tank failure.

Immersion heaters used in Polypro can range from just about any heater (Over-the-side, L-shaped or bottom, Screw-plug or screw-in, flanged) we manufacture. Temperature control and liquid level sensors are a Must-Have in any plastic or Plastic lined tank. If there is tank failure, solution evaporation, pump hose evacuating the tank, or a faulty drain valve then the level safety device will shut the heater off safely.

Liquid level safeties devices can be conductive sensors, float type with bottom up design, or air bubbler. Contact us for application support.

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