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Immersion Heaters for Waste Water Evaporation

Keith Company electric immersion heaters can handle the most notorious chemicals such as Chlorides, Fluorides and Acids. Most acids are heavier than water and the water evaporates leaving the concentrated liquid for hauling away. It takes 965 Btu’s at 212°F, to evaporate a pound of water. A waste water evaporation system consisting of a PTFE lined tank and immersion heaters with a corrosion resistant sheath material such as 316SS, Titanium, Quartz or a PTFE coated immersion heater, that can handle most of the toughest chemical solutions.

Waste water from Electro-polishing metal finishing tanks usually consist of Sulfuric and phosphoric acids for which we recommend Quartz Heaters. Phosphoric acid is very viscous along with the removed metals from the process and will have a tendency to build up on the outer sheath on the Quartz Immersion Heater. Ask our experts also about gas fired waste water evaporation systems.

The use of level safety control to shut the heaters off is a MUST !

By using the filters below you can select the appropriate sheath material (Stainless, Titanium, Quartz and PTFE coated) immersion heaters and other design features.

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