Fuel Gas Fired or Electric Heated Furnaces, Kilns and Lehrs

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Furnaces and kilns can be heated by electricity or by fuels like LPG (mainly Propane) or CNG (Natural Gas). Keith Company can help you decide which heating method is best suited for your applications.

The wire heating elements on an electric heated furnaces are either metallic, Silicon carbide (SiC) or Molybdenum Disilicide (MolyD).

Fuel gas fired furnaces are more commonly used for larger furnaces and kilns, where the firing cost for electricity would be prohibitive. Where products of combustion can't be in the heated air stream, we recommend indirect fuel fired equipment. Keith company is familiar with low NOx requirements and SCAQMD rules 219 and 1147.

In order to choose the correct heating technology read this PDF "Choosing a Heating Method" regarding Fuel Fired vs Electrically Heated.