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Car Tunnel Kilns and Furnaces

Keith car tunnel kilns and furnaces have multiple cars (bogies) pushed simoultaneously through the firing zones to meet high-volume firing requirements for  ceramics. Pusher Kilns range from 30 feet to over 60 feet in length door-to-door. Temperature range from 1200°C to 1700°C in air.

Keith’s pusher kilns feature independent temperature control of each zone to provide accurate and reliable temperature profiles day after day. Automatic return track systems are offered for the economical and continuous 24-hour production.

A composite brick and fiber lined kiln design provides the advantages of durability and thermal efficiency. All mechanical functions are very smooth and dependable. All special pusher speed sensor system helps prevent pusher plate jams for problem free operation. And the operator-friendly controls enable adjustments to temperature profiles with ease and confidence.

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