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Shuttle Kilns for ceramic membranes (SOFC)

  • Shuttle kiln for solid oxide fuel cells
  • Shuttle Kiln for tiles
  • Shuttle kiln for traditional ceramics
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Keith shuttle kilns are widely recognized for their performance, efficiency and reliability by leading potteries around the world. Featuring modular design, energy efficient construction and long service life, they provide economical high-volume production.

For use to 2420°F (1326°C) or cone 12 with gas or electric heating, shuttle kilns are especially well-suited for firing earthenware, stoneware and porcelain products. Typical applications include dinnerware, garden pottery, sanitary ware (first-fire and re-fire), electrical porcelain, tile, technical ceramics, brick, clay pipe, and refractories. Higher temperature models are also available for specialty products.

What is a Shuttle Kiln?
Shuttle kilns have fixed position heating chambers and one or more ware cars that are moved into the kiln for firing. Cars facilitate loading and unloading operations, especially in large production sizes. Shuttle kilns are ideal for dense, heavy loads. Keith pioneered the TwinTrak two-car wide shuttle kiln in the early 1970s, a major energy efficiency development still in use today around the world.

General Capabilities

  • Designs from 96 to 3,600 ft3 of working volume
  • Electric heating systems available up to 300 ft3
  • Gas heating systems available for all sizes
  • Standard setting widths of 4, 5, and 6 feet
  • Single or multiple zones of control
  • One, two or three cars wide
  • Manual or fully automatic firing control
  • UL-approved control panels
  • IRI, FM and NFPA 86 compliant combustion safety equipment

Precision Heating Systems
Keith gas-fired kilns use atmospheric inspirator or sealed package burners. These burner systems feature multi-zone control and pulse firing for more uniform firing temperatures. All our gas systems have combustion safeguards.
Electrically-heated kilns have heavy gauge wire heating elements supported on ceramic rods, or rod-over-bend elements mounted along the sidewalls. This clean-firing, durable construction provides very uniform temperatures.

Automated Kiln Control
All Keith kilns feature digital process controls. Everything from programmable heating and cooling to pulse firing and gas safety logic is managed automatically using the latest control technology. Digital communications with a remote supervisory workstation is a popular option for larger kilns.