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Glass and Quartz Annealing Ovens / Furnaces

  • Glass and Quartz Annealing Furnace
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These furnaces are designed primarily for annealing glass, and use as a bake out oven. However, it can be used for any purpose requiring controlled temperatures of up to 2250°F. When enquiring, please state temperature desired.
Draw furnaces are used for tempering and other low temperature processes. They normally operate at temperatures below red heat range where heat transfer to the tool steel is accomplished by the process of convection heat transfer. To increase convection efficiency, these furnaces are equipped with a fan in the heating chamber to move air (Forced Convection). This delivers a temperature uniformity of ± 6°C (± 10°F) or better. Maximum temperature is 677°C (1250°F.). Optional 1093°C (2000°F.) maximum temperature versions are available.
These furnaces come standard with a digital programmable main control and a digital high limit safety control.
High temperature alloy wire elements are mounted in grooves in the brick walls. The design of the heating coils provides all around heating and close gradients throughout the furnace chamber.


Max. Intermittent
Max Continous
12 to 120 in 34 to 40 in 63 to 147 in 2250°F. 2100°F. 15 to 34kW