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Single Large Box Furnace

Electrically heated Keith 1750°F maximum continuous temperature /  Single Chamber Large Box Furnace with recirculating fan including various options.

This large capacity furnace can be used for various types of heat treatment processes which require temperatures from 200°F to 1950°F. The 6 bladed axial flow fan mounted in the roof circulates the air within the chamber resulting in close gradients throughout.

This furnace comes standard with a Watlow PM4 programmable ramping control with 4-10 step program files and a digital high limit safety control. 
Heavy chrome-nickel wire elements are coiled and mounted in grooves in walls and door to provide all around heating which also helps produce close gradients throughout the chamber. Solid state zero voltage switching of power to elements.

Furnace frame is constructed of heavy steel angle with 18 gauge sheet metal panels to form exterior case. Case is finished in a pleasing gray hammertone. The vertical rising door is mounted on heavy levers and is opened by lifting up on a wide handle. 
Model  Chamber
Max. Intermittent
Max. Continuous
KFR 36 36 36 1750 36 in 65 in 78 in 1950°F 1750°F 27kW
KFR 48 48 48 1750 48 in 77 in 90 in 1950°F 1750°F 72kW