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Up to 1800°C Front or Bottom Loading Furnaces

The Standard 1700°C (Options: 1400°C to 1800°C) Box Furnaces (FastHeat) by Keith Company have proven to be extremely versatile and dependable for research and development, small-scale production, and any application requiring special and complex temperature profiles. We manufacture this furnace as a box style furnace with up to 16.8kW or bottom loading furnace with up to 18kW of power with MolyD heating elements.

These industrial furnaces are ideally suited to produce precise temperature profiles otherwise achieved only in continuous type box furnaces. Because of the low thermal mass fiber insulation and the high efficiency of the power control system, heat up cycle to highest temperature can be less than 45 minutes. With active cooling like air or Nitrogen the furnace can be cooled down in less than one hour.

The Keith’s FastHeat front-loading, high temperature, fiber-lined furnace is intended for operation to 1600°C/2912F in an air atmosphere. The furnace is shipped ready for installation, complete with a high alumina hearth and ready for connection to the Buyer’s utilities. Furnace lining features a high purity, lightweight, 1600°C minimum rated alumina fiberboard construction designed for maximum energy efficiency and thermal performance. This lining is scored on the hot face in a tile design allowing it to expand and contract during thermal cycling. This provides a very durable construction that will last longer and need less maintenance

An optional thermal oxidizer for the abatement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) during the burnout cycle of ceramics can be installed.

Models Max Temp Load Dimensions Power Weight
KSK-12 / Front loading furnace  1400°C to 1800°C 12"W x 15"H x 13"D 13.8 kW 420 lbs.
KSK-15 / Front loading furnace 1400°C to 1700°C 15"W x 18"H x 16"D 16.8 kW 600 lbs.
EHSK-12 Bottom loading furnace 1400°C to 1700°C 12"W x 15"H x 12"D 14 kW 520 lbs.
EHSK-15 Bottom loading furnace 1400°C to 1700°C 15"W x 18"H x 15"D 18 kW 695 lbs.

General capabilities:

  • Heats to 1400°C to 1800°C in less than 1 hour
  • MolyD heating elements with up to 18kW
  • Digital temperature control with optional data logging
  • Superior temperature uniformity
  • Automated venting of volatile organic components (VOC)
  • Rugged and reliable construction

General applications:

  • Materials testing and research laboratories
  • High temperature processing
  • Firing of Ceramic Matrix Components
  • Small parts production
  • Glass or metal melting
  • Co-firing multi-layer components
  • Sintering of ceramics and metals

CE Certification

CE Logo

Since Fall 2011, our 1800C Box Furnace line are CE certified furnaces (PDF).

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