Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens, Lehrs
and Thermal Oxidizers
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Furnaces and kilns sorted by industry

Keith Company engineers and manufactures high temperature thermal processing systems for various industries. Our furnace and kiln systems can be electrically heated or fuel gas fired.

Our furnaces for the metal heat treat industry meet AMS 2750E class 1 pyrometry specifications. Hardening and tempering furnaces for ferrous metal heat treating can be built as bench top, table top or dual chamber furnaces, while furnaces for solution heat treatment of aluminum and magnesium alloys are typically built with integrated heated or cooled quench tank.

Kilns for the ceramic industry can be for binder burnout, calzining or sintering. Keith technology allows for binder burnout and sintering in the same kiln, meaning fragile parts do not have to be moved between processes.