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Glass Melting & Fritting Kilns / Furnaces

Specialty glass formulations are commonly used today for a variety of purposes. Advanced processing technology and chemistry allow tailoring the mechanical, chemical, optical and electronic characteristics of glass precisely to the intended function.

Our customers develop and manufacture specialty glass compositions for the electronics, industrial and scientific and health care markets. Producing specialty glasses requires equipment capable of precisely controlled temperatures above 1500°C.  Typically, we build our glass melting furnaces for batch production, meaning raw materials and powders are melted in a “pot” and then discharged into a quenching solution. The lining of the furnace for these applications needs to be chosen very carefully since resistance to chemical attack is important.

Very precise firing of batch specialty glass to 1800°C can be done in Keith’s bottom loading furnaces, which have heating elements surrounding the load on all sides and can achieve temperature uniformity to ± 5°C. These high temperature furnaces are designed to give maximum temperature uniformity and easier loading and unloading. Custom designed lining and insulation systems are available to meet a variety of thermal, material and reactivity constraints.

Glass Melting Furnace Types

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